Our first centre is strategically located in the middle of Jakarta Central District to accomodate you, the working moms,  to the best we have to offer.

With the close proximity location from their offices, we believe we serve the purpose of helping those working parents to leave their child in our care where they can conviniently visit him or her in anytime of the day.

Our centre occupied the area in the LG level of Sampoerna Strategic Square Building.

It consists of:

  • separate room for each age group (infant, toddler and preschooler)
  • common areas for free play, reading and eating purposes
  • babyroom that facilitates breastmilk storage and feeding equipment sterilization
  • private children bathroom with toilet cubicles, spacious shower and sink areas
  • in-house kitchen special for preparing children’s meals
  • space for lactating mothers
  • isolation room for holding unwell children prior to be picked up by parents
  • storage
  • a separate classroom where children can focus on their academic activites

The complex also have an outdoor ground that is utilized for TinyToes children every day for their outdoor activities

Nearby medical assitance is also readily available for emergency needs – Medikaloka Clinic located within the building and MRCCC hospital with 5 minutes drive.